5 things to know before your next meal

Do you ever find the holidays to be more stressful than they are relaxing? Do you wish you could be more present during this time? This time of year can bring up difficult feelings:-food and how our bodies look and feel-guilt or shame about our health habits-loneliness or frustration with familial relationships I want you… Continue reading 5 things to know before your next meal

How to gain MORE time

Do you ever find yourself skipping out on something you'd LOVE to do (yoga, reading a book, taking a break at work) because you'll lose time for more important things (house work, office work, spending time with family)? And do those more important things sometimes feel more like obligations? And because they feel like obligations, do you find yourself procrastinating? Yes… Continue reading How to gain MORE time

Your aliveness depends on this

Several months ago my coach gave me an assignment to find 3 things that light me up. It was so obvious I'd been so focused on work and struggling to get through difficult changes in my life, that I was seriously lacking joy. It's a simple assignment, but by no means an easy one. Do… Continue reading Your aliveness depends on this

Are you giving yourself this one thing?

Do you listen when your body asks you to slow down and REST? Or do you feel guilty taking this time for yourself? So many people are sick right now! As for me, I'm just coming out of a week of hibernation, getting over an ailment. I've been resting, taking it slow, and giving my… Continue reading Are you giving yourself this one thing?